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About Us

Strive for Excellence

People nowadays are easily overcome by new technology and softwares that sometimes they feel like they are being left behind. It makes them feel anxious on how to approach modern day techniques especially in businesses and digital marketing. Kalegorrias’ focus is to short this gap and provide our readers excellent, high-quality information as well as feedbacks and suggestions on products they are planning to buy Our main focus is to help our visitors to make progress with regards to their tech knowledge and digital marketing strategy.

Kalegorria’s integrated approach to reviews, content creation, and guides provides a unique experience and immersion into the world of digital marketing. We provide our readers with actionable recommendations based on real life applications of the products that are being shown here. Our digital marketing review site provides 24/7 custom and enjoyable reviews for both the digital marketing pro and novice. With the help of our teams and the dream that Mr. Jeremy Salmon built, we will be your guides in your road to dominating the digital marketing space.

The Brain Of Kalegorria

Jeremy Salmon started venturing out into the world at the age of 23 after finishing up his bachelors in Computer Science. He was just a hopeful entrepreneur from Summit, Illinois. Ever since his childhood Jeremy always had passion for writing and blogging. He would do stories, and tell it to his family especially on Christmas. He started taking writing seriously when he was given a part time job to write for a local newspaper about a children’s section when he was just in high school. His passion quickly grew into a hobby and then a craft. He started blogging on sites during his college days with his great buddy.

At first Jeremy was losing hope with his chosen craft, as he was barely making any money from writing online. He started going out to formal training, webinars, and asking advice from established bloggers in his area. Determination and the passion to provide a complete guide to the industry that he loves is what equipped Jeremy with the will to succeed in this niche. Writing on a friends blogs about cars is what gave Jeremy a hands on experience in online blogging. He would write reviews, car model features, and even scripts for video reviews and presentations. After 9 months of writing for this blog, Jeremy decided to buy his own domain, and start a blogging site about the industry he truly loves, Tech and Digital Marketing.

At that moment, Jeremy called his buddy Clyde Hindman and they started discussing what to be is the start of kalegorria. By identifying the problems that everyday readers face when it comes to technology and digital marketing, Jeremy and Clyde decided to quit their part-time jobs and focused solely on the blog while finishing up their degrees.

The Idea was very simple, create a tech and digital marketing blog that would help people get into these industries, but the execution was not so simple. Jeremy and Clyde wanted to market the blog to gain viewers, but they know nothing of SEO, which is one of the foremost strategies in digital marketing. They started interviewing authority bloggers of the niche, learning about it from the professionals and how it could benefit the visibility of their blog in the digital space. Eventually the site got its traction and exponentially grew in just over 2 years!

Kalegorria was founded in 2012. After the first launch in the college dorm rooms, the team exponentially grew because of the success of the first few articles here. Jeremy Salmon spent the following years culminating and creating contents for the site. First he only did blogs about his daily life and his experiences with online softwares for programmers. He then ventured into other different niches like tech reviews, product promotions, and even video creation and distribution. Thanks to all the hard work of everyone in our team, we have built an online community that cherishes everything under tech and digital marketing. Today Our site reaches out to hundreds of thousands of readers and viewers from around the globe, this is aligned with our goal to be the go-to site for tech and digital marketing reviews, articles, and suggestions.

The Goal Of Kalegorria

Ever since the beginning, we’ve always strive for excellence and quality. We are determined to be an established, and lasting entity in the industry. We want to create a bog that not only gives our readers great product reviews, but also free educational articles as well as tips and guides on technology and digital marketing. On top of all of that, We always make it a priority to make our team members highly inspired, to create meaningful and beautiful content for you.

Here at Kalegorria, we believe that different views and opinions leads to a better idea. Whether it be suggestions from our team members, or feedback from you, we always take into consideration everyone’s opinion. We’re believers that to create a better business trust and collaboration between a company and its customers is what makes it viable.

Besides being our goals, these traits are what guides our core values in everything we do here in Kalegorria. Whether it be our reviews, or just simple product features, we always strive to instill the core value of the company so that our readers are confident that they are with one of the best tech and digital marketing blogs out there.

We hope you find what you’re looking for in our blogs! Rest assured that we will continue to better our work for the benefit of our readers. Once again this is Jeremy, leaving you with the words “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way”.

Picture of Mr. Jeremy Salmon

Mr. Jeremy Salmon

Jeremy Salmon started venturing out into the world at the age of 23 after finishing up his bachelors in Computer Science. He was just a hopeful entrepreneur from Summit, Illinois.