The Ultimate Battle: Groovefunnels VS Clickfunnels

The Ultimate Battle: Groovefunnels VS Clickfunnels

Because creating a sales funnel requires a lot of work, most marketers, like you, prefer to employ a sophisticated solution to manage these sales funnels from beginning to end.

There are many different types of sales funnel builders, but not all are the same. GrooveFunnels and Clickfunnels are two of the greatest, but there are some significant variations between them.

You’ve now narrowed down your options to GrooveFunnels vs. Clickfunnels after doing your research. How do you decide which is better? What elements should I take into account?

We side-by-side compare each sales funnel builder in the instructions below. To help you choose a sales-to-funnel software wisely, we’ll go through each feature in detail.

Comparing GrooveFunnels to Clickfunnels: Key Features

Starting with a brief explanation of what these tools are and who they are useful for, let’s move right into a detailed comparison of their essential attributes.

How GrooveFunnels Work

One of the more recent platforms for building sales funnels is called GrooveFunnels, and sales professionals love it because of its affordable price and extensive toolkit.

Every online marketer who wants to create sales funnels, automate email marketing, offer membership sites, or host videos and webinars will find these web-based sales funnel builder applications and the vast array of marketing tools that come with it to be ideal.

Additionally, it creates websites, landing pages, and marketing campaigns, making it simple to develop marketing funnels and sell goods and services online.

The platforms minimize the requirement to learn how to code and create by replacing it with a library of templates for the different functions through the usage of drag-and-drop style webpage builders.

All of their products are accessible through their paid plans, providing you access to roughly 20 tools for a small monthly fee.

Explaining Clickfunnels

With its selection of top-notch templates, Clickfunnels is a platform that aids Internet marketers in developing and launching their own sales funnels. It gives online marketers total control with a straightforward user interface that makes end-to-end automation possible.

Its plug-and-play functionality also makes content creation and editing simple, making it perfect for all types of Web businesses.

Now that you know what each tool does, let’s look in more detail at some of their significant characteristics and the areas where each device excels.

Templates for pre-made sales funnels

Both platforms include a wide selection of ready-to-use sales funnels that may be tailored entirely to your own requirements. Let’s compare them and decide which is preferable for use while building sales funnels.


By using premade and well-designed templates in GrooveFunnels, you can develop landing pages and websites.

For all kinds of online enterprises, there are more than 180 landing page templates and about 10+ full website designs.


The critical feature of Clickfunnels that aids in turning visitors into paying customers is its sales funnels.

A page builder, shopping cart, and CRM are already integrated, among other things. To begin going, all you have to do is connect everything.

Website and Landing Page Editor

All marketing platforms now require a drag-and-drop user interface, and GrooveFunnels and Clickfunnels both provide that.


The drag-and-drop editor is simple and easy to use. It has a lot of options, which may confuse first-time users, but once you get used to it, you’ll find it convenient.

Seven categories, including blocks, elements, pages, funnels, pop-ups, metrics, and integrations, make up the builder. These components are simple to drag and drop into your sales pages.

The GrooveFunnels Free Plan includes the ability to use custom domains, which is a significant benefit. Platforms typically require you to use branded domains with no-cost offerlike GrooveFunnels, fortunately, lets you use your domain.


Additionally, Clickfunnels features a drag-and-drop editor that is pretty capable and attractive and has roughly 18 distinct elements. The visual font selector, in particular, is a helpful tool for selecting the appropriate text size and font for your pages.

On the other hand, user navigation might be more intuitive, and the editor’s design could have been improved.

Partner Program

Online marketers are drawn to both platforms’ affiliate programs. What makes a difference, then?


Weekly rewards are provided by GrooveFunnels as commission on recurrent monthly payments.

Additionally, it is a high-converting product with a recurring revenue potential of up to 40%.

This program’s Groove Affiliate Assist, which grants you a free account for life, is a standout feature. Whether you or GrooveFunnels promoted the upgrade, you receive the entire commission if the customer upgrades.

On the other hand, if another affiliate promotes an upgrade, you will still be paid half of the commission, and the other affiliate will receive the other half.

Let’s use an example to grasp this better. If you or Groovepages promoted the upgrade while you were a free member, you receive a 20% commission and are allowed to keep the entire amount. However, if another affiliate used content to promote the upgrade, you would receive 10%.

Overall, a favorable and win-win circumstance for all. It also has a consolidated dashboard that is easy to use.


Affiliates with Clickfunnels receive every advantage for success, and the top affiliates are eligible to win their dream automobiles! In fact, according to ClickFunnels, 181 of its affiliates have already won their dream cars (at the time of writing this piece).

It offers a commission rate of up to 40% on all front-end and recurring monthly orders. Starting at 20%, an affiliate partner is qualified to advance to the 30% and 40% tiers based on performance.

Which is superior? Clickfunnels vs. Groovefunnels

The big question now is. Should you pick ClickFunnels or GrooveFunnels?

Sincerely, both platforms are excellent. It depends on what you want from such a platform because there are a lot of distinctions even though there are a lot of similarities.

Choose Groovefunnels if you wish to:

  • Want free access to GroovePages and GrooveSell, two tools for creating sales funnels.
  • Prepare to host several videos.
  • You require a digital automatic calendar to keep track of your obligations.
  • prefer to raise inquiries through a ticketing system
  • Because it uses progressive JavaScript technology, you desire speedier page loads.
  • For starting and growing online enterprises, you need an all-in-one marketing platform.
  • It’s also crucial to remember that the entire service is currently available for free, so now may be the best moment to make use of it.

Select Clickfunnels if you want to:

  • a vast content repository for digital marketing. In every facet of digital marketing, FunnelFix has vast knowledge.
  • prefer to contact customer care by phone.
  • Need top-notch templates for every task? This is your go-to choice
  • desire a seamless sales pipeline

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