What Is the Clickfunnels $19 Plan?

What Is the Clickfunnels $19 Plan?

New customers can no longer sign up for the ClickFunnels $19 plan.

Because they were designed exclusively for sharing, opt-in or webinar funnels were appropriate for anyone selling a good or service.

The customer was provided with a URL to a page with fully editable funnel templates by a ClickFunnels account holder.

For companies that didn’t want to create funnels, these templates were quite helpful.

They may save time and money by replicating lead-generating funnels.

Then, using their own ClickFunnels accounts, they could modify and manage the funnels.

The person who shared the funnel made money from ClickFunnels if the user created a new account.

Therefore, it was a great deal for ClickFunnels affiliates and companies that simply needed a few operational funnels.

Despite having few features, it was a cheap marketing tool, making it perfect for those just getting started.

How Can I Purchase a $19 ClickFunnels Plan?

The $19 ClickFunnels package is no longer offered, therefore you cannot purchase it.

It was abandoned by ClickFunnels prior to 2021, and there is presently no indication that it will be reinstated.

Members of ClickFunnels may share a URL containing sales funnels under this “Share Funnel” type of plan, and the recipient could then easily copy, alter, and utilize it.

Thankfully, all of the current ClickFunnels plans—starting with the Basic plan at $97 per month—still permit users to share funnels.

The $19 Plan Limits for ClickFunnels

The $19 ClickFunnels package was appealing because it was created specifically for sharing funnels. Businesses that received the link profited from not having to build their own funnels, just copying the one that was supplied to them.

Although it was a fantastic offer, there were tight conditions:

The plan was limited by ClickFunnels to three shared funnels.

The user could not create new funnels or new pages; they could only edit and use the funnels that someone else had supplied to them.

The program was more appropriate for network marketers, funnel consultants, and affiliates of ClickFunnels.

They might market the funnels and get paid for referring customers.

Many functionalities are already included in the $97 ClickFunnels basic suite. You have the option of creating sales pages, funnels, keeping up to 20 funnels in your account, adding pages, deleting pages, and having up to 100 pages.

However, the $19 plan limits you to three funnels with barebones features.

You cannot create new funnels on your own. No pages can be added or removed either. You can only add funnels to your account by using a “sharefunnel link” to purchase them from another user.

When you click on a sharefunnel link, it takes you to your ClickFunnels account and launches the funnel into your funnels section. You can immediately use it after it has loaded, which takes only a few seconds.

If you don’t already have an account, ClickFunnels will offer you to create one; you can choose the $19 option.

How Can I Locate a Sharefunnel?

Selecting the sharefunnels that you want and that will work for you is the key to locating them. You must make sure that the funnels are set up how you desire because you don’t have the option of adding or deleting pages.

You may quickly study sharefunnels on Google if you want to learn more about it. Ideally, you can also hire someone to design the funnel you need and share it with you.

People are going to charge you for this the majority of the time. roughly $50 to $1,000.

How Do I Obtain ClickFunnels Freely?

Although the $19 plan is no longer available, there are still two methods to obtain ClickFunnels for free:

  • Select the 14-day no-risk trial (Extend for 30 extra days here)
  • Choose a promotion that lasts between 6 and 12 months.

First promotion: Funnel Builder Secrets

This training program was developed by ClickFunnels’ founder Russell Brunson to teach you how to construct successful funnels and write sales copy that converts well. You also have access to the original Funnel Hacks masterclass.

Second Promotion: Secrets Masterclass

This masterclass, which was formerly known as Funnel Hacks, also includes the 10X Secrets Program. This is a detailed blueprint outlining exactly how the top 1% of ClickFunnels users operate in contrast to the other 99% of users. A free lesson is offered before an upsell.

Third Promotion: One Funnel Away Competition

This $100 course or challenge teaches you how to use the ClickFunnels platform to design your first or next sales funnel with step-by-step assistance. Marketers frequently have one lucrative funnel that brings in millions of dollars in revenue, and this course can help you get there.

What Is the Price of ClickFunnels?

There are three different plans in place right now. There were just two as of 2020, but a new plan dubbed the Collective Plan, which costs $1,497 per month, has been introduced. a little out of reach for the majority of newbies, but it’s a minor price to pay if you’re using funnels to make millions.

Other Clickfunnels plans consist of:

Standard Plan, which has a monthly cost of $97

Platinum Plan, which has a monthly cost of $297.

Collective Plan, which has a monthly cost of $1497.

The amount of funnels that can be generated is one feature that each plan offers varying access to. For instance, the Platinum Plan gives you unlimited access while the Standard Plan is a terrific choice for beginners but only allows you to create 20 funnels.

Apart from the number of funnels, the key distinction between the Standard and Platinum is that the latter offers unlimited traffic as well as internal email marketing and an affiliate management system.

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